"China and Laos" successfully delivered electricity in two directions for the first time

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The "Nam Tha 1" power plant of Laos has been successful for the first time. Send electricity to the Yunnan province of China. in two directions

Xinhua news agency reported from the capital Vientiane, Laos on June 21 that China and Laos have successfully completed the first bidirectional transmission of electricity. Since the launch of the interconnection project 12 years ago

The report states that the Nam Tha 1 hydroelectric power station is located in northern Laos. Successfully delivered electricity to Yunnan Province (Yunnan) in southwest China. last monday

China Southern Power Grid (CSG) and Lao Electricity A 115 kV electricity purchase agreement was signed in March to help use up excess hydropower in Laos. when the rainy season

Incidentally, China and Laos agreed to deliver excess hydropower from Laos. to Yunnan Province in the rainy season while CSG will strengthen the power distribution. to the northern part of Laos in the dry season
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