Why do you take a nap in the evening? waking up with a headache

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Have you ever wondered that in the late afternoon, if youSLOTXOsleep or fall asleep, wake up again when the sun is almost setting or it's dark? Instead of being refreshed because he slept, but instead had a headache. why is that

Why do you take a nap in the evening? waking up with a headache
Light and adaptability are the reasons why.

Normally, the human body like us will always be adjusted In this case, it is related to blood flow and body temperature. that will adjust slightly according to the temperature and external light

Of course, we can see light mainly through our vision. When we fall asleep when there is still light and wake up when there is no light or dark, when we open our eyes, we will see that our body will adjust blood circulation and temperature quickly. according to the light

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instant adaptation Blood vessels suddenly constrict or dilate. Resulting in a headache until reaching a low fever because the body tries to adjust the temperature to rise there.

How to prevent or cure headaches?
If possible, don't go to bed in the evening because in addition to having a headache. May cause us to sleep at night as well. Maybe take a 15-minute nap in the afternoon instead. But who can't resist until falling asleep? When you wake up, slowly get up, sit still for 5 minutes, then get up and drink plenty of water.

In conclusion, going to bed in the evening and having a headache is likely because the body quickly adapts to light and temperature. Knowing this, it's best to avoid going to bed in the evening.
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