Causes of "locked fingers" and ways to reduce finger pain yourself

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Trigger finger is a deformity of the tendon sheath on the palm side. with inflammationSLOTXOand when chronic will cause more fibrosis Normally, the function of this sheath is to have tendons slide through it. When there is a movement of clenching or stretching the hand including the use of hands to do various activities Because our hands have to move and use quite often. When there is inflammation, it is often chronic in almost all cases. which is the lock finger There will be a range of injuries. Since the onset of inflammation Pain begins at the base of one or several fingers of the knuckle. at the base of the finger Might be a pain in the ass but still racist and may be a stage where inflammation from repetitive injuries becomes swollen, red, hot, and difficult to move in your hand Because if at this stage, it will hurt a lot. Some cases may be chronic and have a very thick membrane. until I grasped it and couldn't stretch at all.

Most if the symptoms are not very chronic. can be treated But if chronic, there is pain all the time. What to do, the symptoms are not relieved, swollen, hot, unable to move the hand Limiting daily use, it is advisable to consult a medical professional for appropriate further treatment.

Cause of finger lock
In this regard, Khun Phenpichakon Saenkham, a physical therapist from Ariya Physiotherapy Clinic, 1st Floor, Life Center (Q House Lumpini) has provided additional information that Causes of finger locks caused by repeated use of hands Whether it's doing housework, doing laundry, mopping, typing, packing, or even hunched over, hunched shoulders, and protruding neck, it's a posture that contracts the muscles and membranes in front of the shoulders and chest, limiting blood flow. of the nerve The work of the muscles in the arms and hands is not flexible, stiff for a long time, causing the fascia to cover the tendon in the hand. For basic finger care, there are some recommendations as follows.

Soaking in warm or cold water If at the stage of swelling, redness and intense pain, you should soak in cold water to relieve pain and inflammation.
But if there is no swelling, no pain, but you feel tight when you hold it and you can't stretch it Soak in warm water to loosen the tendons and muscles in your hands. Time to move will be more fluent.
stretching and the membranes of the arm and chest muscles
Stand about an arm's length against a wall, raising the affected arm. put your hands on the wall Step forward about 1 step.
Put your feet up to your hips. toes pointing forward Use the palm of your hand to gently press it against the wall. Pull your stomach and twist your body and hips to the opposite side. Breathe in and out for about 2 breaths and then twist back.
Repeat 3-5 times, then slowly put your hands down.
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