WHO Marburg virus found in Ghana, 2 dead, nearly 100 at risk

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WHO declares Marburg virus outbreak in Ghana Two deaths have been reported, and close to 100 people have been touched.

On July 18, 2022, Global News reported that The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the firstสมัครสมาชิก SLOTXOoutbreak of the Marburg virus in Ghana. After the laboratory confirmed the infection in 2 patients at the beginning of the month.

WHO says dengue fever is easily contagious. It is in the same family as Ebola, which is spreading from people through fruit bats. and is transmitted to people through direct contact with the infected person's bodily fluids and surfaces.

Preliminary analysis of samples from two infected people in the southern region of Ghana. They both died and were not related to each other, the results were positive, after which there was an impact on the Pasteur Institute in Senegal. to confirm

Later, the Pasteur Institute which is a laboratory of the United Nations health agency has confirmed results from Ghana

The first was a 26-year-old man who was hospitalized on June 26 before dying on June 27. The second was a 51-year-old man who went to the hospital on June 28 and died on June 27. same

The WHO further stated that Both were admitted to the same hospital.

Dr. Matchidizo Moeti, head of the World Health Organization in Africa, said health workers responded quickly. By making arrangements in advance for any potential outbreaks.

“This is a good thing because without immediate and decisive action. The Marburg virus could easily slip away.”

“WHO is in the area to support health authorities and now the outbreak has been declared. We are collecting additional resources to combat the outbreak.”

The WHO said more than 90 people had been touched, including health workers and community members. All of which will be followed up by the staff.
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