Apple to increase employee pay for inflation around the world

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This is good news for all Apple employees. The company recently announcedSLOTXOthat it will increase the wages of its internal employees, including those at its retail stores, due to current inflation and higher cost of living. has become a burden for the general public

An Apple representative said, “Supporting and retaining our members will help us deliver the best products. most advanced and the best service to consumers We are therefore announcing an increase in the compensation budget for all Apple employees.”

For US Retail Employees The pay will increase from $20 an hour to $22 an hour (684 baht to 752 baht), which Apple says retail employees in some countries will get more. depending on the region

In fact, Apple isn't the first major company to raise salaries. Previously, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft had increased compensation for their internal employees. Part of it is to attract talented people to stay with the company as well.
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