A salvaged Japanese tourist boat sank off the coast of Kaido again.

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Japan's Maritime Security Agency said salvage personnel trying to lift thexo walletpreviously capsized tourist boat The ship sank again off the coast of Hokkaido in northern Japan.

On Monday, May 23, the Kazu One was raised about 20 meters down the surface. and used a pram to haul to Shari

Office officials said they were told by a salvage company early Tuesday morning that they had "dropped" the ship, about 11 kilometers west of Utoro Port in Shari.

The official said about an hour later from camera inspection It was confirmed that the ship was on the ground at a depth of 182 meters.

The Kazu One sank while on a excursion on April 23, leaving 26 people on board, 14 of whom are confirmed dead, while 12 others remain missing.
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