The right to take leave during menstruation: "We don't want menstruation to be an understatement."

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On May 17, the Spanish cabinet approved a proposal giving women three days/month of sickslot เกมleave during their menstruation. and may increase to 5 days if menstruation pain This offer excludes women who are only slightly uncomfortable.

The above measures are part of the Women's Health and Reproductive Rights Bill. The coalition government, led by the Socialist Party, supports it. If the bill is approved, it would be the birth of such a legitimacy for the first time in Europe.

“We don't want menstruation to be something we can't talk about anymore. When there is a problem that cannot be solved medically We think it is understandable to request temporary sick leave," Spanish equality minister Angela Rodriguez told local media.

Only a handful of countries in the world have enacted rules that allow women to take time off during their menstruation. Most of them are in Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea, as well as Zambia. The first law to allow women to take time off during menstruation was introduced during the Soviet Union in 1922.

Supporters argue that such rights are as important as maternity leave rights. It was an early manifestation of awareness of biological systems, but opponents said the law would foster negative memory. It also urged employers not to choose female employees.

The BBC's '100 Women' project, '100 Women', has spoken with a handful of women in some countries that have guidelines for women to take time off during their menstrual periods. to find out whether such measures can be implemented or not.
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