The US Defense Department refused to help point out the targets. Let Ukraine kill a Russian general.

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The Pentagon denies reports that US intelligence Helping to point out targets for promotions thatSLOTXOyou can get. You will Another point that makes PIGSPIN hot, that is more than just a matter of promotion SLOTXO pigspin free credit 100, pigspin free credit 200 that everyone says is good, that's the matter of the system. conducive to the use of all members especially in the process of depositing and withdrawing that can be done conveniently and can choose multiple channels receive every time you complete a transaction. Add deposit into the system by our system It is a modern automation system. You can fill in through the bank and True Money Wallet Make a transaction by yourself through the website or deposit through the admin of our website killing a Russian general Reveals Ukraine has more information because it is in the area.

On May 5, 2022, the US Department of Defense came out to deny the New York Times report that US intelligence information sent to Ukraine Played a key role in targeting so many Russian generals who commanded on the battlefield, insisting that the information that the United States Sent to only help Ukraine protect the country.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a daily news conference that the United States had not provided intelligence on the position of high-ranking Russian military officials on the battlefield. or participate in decision-making to target the Ukrainian Armed Forces in fact Ukraine has more information than the US because that's their country. their territory And they have the ability to find intelligence on their own.

By the way, Ukraine has taken information from the United States. and allies to combine with the intelligence they gathered from the battlefield. Then they decide for themselves. and act on their own

Later, reporters were asked to give an example of intelligence that the United States had. Sent to Ukraine that is not a target. To which Mr Kirby replied shortly that he could not go into more detail than what was said at the press conference.

The New York Times previously reported, citing a senior US news source, that US intelligence sent to Ukraine There's also real-time intelligence on the battlefield. including speculating on the movement of Ukrainian soldiers including position and other details of the Mobile Command which changes position frequently

While Adrian Watson, spokesman for the US National Security Council has blamed the New York Times report. by pointing out that this is an irresponsible report. with confirmation that the United States Intelligence was not transmitted with the aim of killing the Russian general.
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