Draw in a draw! US Army returns message 'does not support Taiwan independence' to website

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US State Department Updates the fact sheet on Washington-Taipeixo walletrelations once again, this time reinstating a sentence that does not support the official independence of the democratic island. But China claims to be part of the territory.

last month US State Department Change the fact sheet on the Taiwan issue. on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs By removing the message declaring that it does not support Taiwan's independence and acknowledging Beijing's stance that Taiwan is part of China. The move sparked resentment against Beijing.

At the time, Washington claimed that the update did not reflect the policy change. And this time the wording has been revised again. restore a sentence one that stated "We do not support Taiwan independence."

The revision was first reported by the Taiwan Central News Agency on Friday (June 3) and appears to have occurred since May 28, the date shown at the top of the keynote.

US State Department has not yet come out to comment on this matter.

Ned Price, US State Department spokesman It said in May that the United States does not support Taiwan's independence and that "we strongly emphasize it publicly and privately".

Taiwan is already a de facto independent state. Passed a very limited international certification Washington has no official ties to Taipei. But it is their most important international advocate and supplier of weapons.

Taiwan's official name is also the Republic of China. Name of the government who fled to the island in 1949 after losing in a civil war to the Communist Party. who founded the People's Republic of China with Beijing as the capital

In 2005, the Chinese government passed a law that gave Beijing a legal basis for military operations. If it is determined that Taiwan is preparing to formally separate or intend to do so,

The Taiwanese government stated that This island of 25 million people have the right to decide their own future and even wanting peace but is ready to defend itself if attacked
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