Russia destroys the bridge Block the way for Ukrainians Leaving Severo Donets

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On June 14, 2022, Reuters reported that Ukrainian officials saidสล็อต walletRussian forces have cut off all routes for the evacuation of civilians from Severodonets. east of ukraine With the destruction of the last bridge linking the city with another Ukrainian-occupied city on the other side of the river.

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In its daily conflict summary report, the Ukrainian military said: The Russian army tried to capture a stronghold in the center of Severodonets.

“The situation in Severodonets has deteriorated greatly. Russia is destroying high-rise buildings and Azot factories.” Posted on Telegram while one day before He said hundreds of civilians were taking refuge inside the Azot chemical plant. which was surrounded by Russian forces

Ukraine requests more heavy weapons from the West to help protect the city of Severo Donets which Ukraine says could be key in the fight for victory in the Donbas region. which is part of the war that continues into the fourth month

last monday Gaidai said on social media that about 70 percent of the city is now under enemy control. and the destruction of the last bridge used to cross the river to Lisichansk. This means that civilians will remain stranded in the city of Severo Donets. and it is impossible to deliver items for humanitarian aid.

Recent reports of Ukraine's military situation are fraught with impediments to Russian forces from gathering in parts of the Donbas region.
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