US Senate approves speeding passage of gun control bill

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The U.S. Senate on Tuesday accelerated to pass the first gun control bill inwin88th my slot autodecades, spurred by This article is quoted from the website gambling site Indonesia's #1 Trusted Online Slots that are ready to serve online slots lovers and provide the most complete online gambling service two recent mass shootings. After the United States has faced a problem of gun violence for a long time.

Reuters reported that Senators are likely to vote 80 pages of a gun control overhaul bill that is backed by both Republicans and Democrats this week. before the suspension of the council meeting for 2 weeks

Even the bills revealed yesterday are not as intense as Democrats. That includes President Joe Biden, but if approved it would be the largest action against gun violence in years Congress.

The draft law It contains provisions to allow states to limit the possession of firearms to persons endangering both themselves and others. as well as filling the loopholes by blocking the sale of firearms to those who have been punished for abusing couples

The bill will also allow states to record young people's records in a national background check system to purchase firearms. After a teenager opened fire at a New York grocery store and a Texas elementary school.

However, the bill does not raise the minimum age for firearms purchasers from 18 to 21, with gunmen in the Texas and New York shootings each 18 with rifles. that they are the buyers themselves
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