What is Quinoa? And 5 Awesome Benefits That You Can't Easily Find In Other Plants

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Who is a clean eater? or love health You must be familiar with the cereal called "Quinoa" for sure, right? But if anyone is still confused what is quinoa what does it look like And how is it useful? Sanook Health will bring you to know this hot super food.

What is quinoa?
Quinoa is an artificial grain that looks like legumes. Originated from the area of ​​the Incas ancient indigenous peoples of South America

also known as artificial grains because really Quinoa is not a grain. They are not the same family as beets, spinach, tumbleweed and Swiss chard, but even pseudocereal or artificial grains. But there are so many benefits that it is known as "Superfood" as well

Quinoa Benefits
Quinoa contains up to 12-18 percent protein and essential amino acids that can be found in milk. Who is eating clean or diet If you want protein that is essential for the body in addition to chicken breasts. Try quinoa too.

Quinoa is high in antioxidants. That means it reduces your risk of developing cancer. and help nourish the skin to shine bright

Quinoa is high in calcium. Anyone who does not like to drink milk or is allergic to milk can eat quinoa. In order for the body to get enough calcium for growth Maintain strong bones and teeth

Quinoa is high in fiber. which fibers or fibers that In addition to helping in terms of digestion. and excretion to be normal It also helps control blood sugar levels to be at normal levels as well.

Quinoa is low in cholesterol. Suitable for everyone who wants to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. or people who want to control their weight and diabetic patients atherosclerosis

How to eat quinoa
Includes 5 food colors that babies should eat. with benefits
Includes 5 food colors that babies should eat. with benefits
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Soak the quinoa in water for 10 minutes, then bring it to a boil again until the quinoa is cooked. It looks like short, white, yellow rice. When cooked, it will be soft, crunchy, and slightly chewy. Between boiling can add olive oil. or a little salt to add flavor

Cooked quinoa can be substituted for rice. Or who would use it to make congee, fried rice, sushi, add it to salads, fry it, or even add it to desserts like muffins, cupcakes, etc.

If anyone has tried eating quinoa will definitely be enamored with its enormous benefits It's easier to buy now. In general leading supermarkets are also available for sale. Or does anyone have a recipe for making delicious quinoa? Don't forget to share some.
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