Why did the FBI raid? Donald Trump's Mansion Now

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump says the FBI raided his Floridazlotxo netmansion. So why now? For the technique of playing slots games is a way to play to make money. or basic That will allow all players to apply for every slot game. can earn From nothing to earning as much as you can

On August 10, 2022, CNN reported a tumultuous case across the United States. When US Federal Bureau of Investigation agents or the FBI raided the "Mar a Lago" resort of former US President Donald Trump. in Palm Beach, Florida, during an investigation into the president's handling of documents, including classified documents.

The former president confirmed that a large group of FBI agents raided the mansion and seized items while he was at the Trump Tower. tower in new york city without prior notice And it's an act that doesn't have any evidence of wrongdoing.

This extraordinary FBI move is a bet on the Justice Department and comes as Trump's legal troubles unfold. Amid expectations that Trump may run for president again in 2024

The AP news agency reported on the questioning. Why the Ministry of Justice Under Merrick Garland's administration, the Attorney General (Ministry of Justice) took this shocking approach and did so during this time.

from past political scandals like Watergate Reflecting on the investigation into the case of a right-wing mob invading the parliament building on January 6, there is a question whether the Ministry of Justice is playing politics or not.

The answer would still have to wait a while to prove it. But for now, at least the raids on the Trump mansion have opened the wounds to the public. Trump used to pick up boxes of stuff when he left the White House. After losing the election

As Garland said "Nobody is above the law"

The Justice Department has been proactively investigating two stories involving the former president, one being an attempt to alter the 2020 election results and a Trump advocate raiding Congress on Jan. 6 last year, and the other. is the management of confidential documents

FBI agents and law enforcement officers searched the grounds of the club where Trump's office was located, as well as where documents were stored and several boxes of documents were seized. After the National Archives retrieved documents from the Mar a Lago mansion a few months ago.

The FBI had to make sure there were no important documents or information left after Trump's retirement.
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