AI-powered automatic medication dispensing machine provides accurate and safe service to patients.

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Medical innovations by using artificial intelligence (AI) is fish shootingเกมสล็อตgames, roulette, Fantan, Sic Bo, etc., every game selected to play. Choose to have fun Make a substantial profit, not losing at all slots games. systems to help diagnose diseases more efficiently. as well as alleviating the burden of current public health and medical personnel in both the Chinese and global contexts. is becoming one of the trends to watch.

Due to the technology that is being developed for comprehensive health care or Health Technology (Health Tech) is widely used in health examination, analysis, diagnosis, research in medicine and medicine. Guidelines for adopting AI, Machine Learning technologies to develop in the medical and pharmaceutical industries today and in the future.

In our own home now, AI is being used to help enhance health business to be more efficient. especially in helping doctors And nurses take care of patients from the beginning of waiting in line to surgery. and caring for the body during recovery If it was in the past, if we were to say that there would be robots to take care of us together with the doctor, there would be a foreign country, but believe it or not, this kind of thing has actually happened in Thailand. with the research, research and development of the university government agency and the private sector who have collaborated to create technology related to health services And today we have an example of AI technology that comes to help in health from the skill of Thai people.

Recently, Bangkok Hospital has invested 100 million baht in using an automatic drug dispenser. Focusing on patient safety is paramount. With an artificial intelligence (AI) system, pills can be arranged accurately, including naked pills, pills in pill packs, pill packs, and pill counting with a machine. with the date and check the production lot of the drug Detailed information on medication arrangements Able to monitor drug recalls from patients

AI robots automate the transportation and dispensing of medicines.

From the daily problem that patients have to wait for the hospital to dispense medicine for more than 1 hour, but using AI to help dispense medicine can reduce the time to just 15 minutes, helping to reduce congestion in the hospital. and reduce the risk of pathogens spreading as well for patient safety The use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in dispensing medicines to inpatients (IPD) and outpatients (OPDs) to ensure accuracy, reducing errors in medication administration and dispensing procedures. Coupled with Smart Mobile Medication Cart to help reduce contamination. and increase safety standards for patients to receive the right drug, the right person, the right drug and at the right time
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