Analyzing Putin's meeting with Xi Jinping, the sign of mutual dependence on the West

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Ukrainian war drags on until winter, media eyes directly, but of course theseเว็บ 168features. It is what all players have been waiting for. And it is a feature that can be the most profitable for players as well. President Putin Movement against Western nations especially to meet with great friend Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader.

On September 8, 2022, the AP news agency reported an analysis of the movement of Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week, which will be the second most important meeting between Western ally in this year.

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The two will meet at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Samarkand. Uzbekistan Central Asia on September 15-16, which is expected to be a picture of the close relationship between the two superpowers.

During this time, Mr Putin was in a state of political and economic turmoil. from the war in Ukraine making Russia isolated from the West Mr Xi faces tensions with the West. in the case of Taiwan and the case of treating the Uighur Muslim minority

For President Xi Jinping, the trip to the summit was also special as it was the first overseas visit in two and a half years. since covid-19 spread all over the world Throughout the past two years Mr. Xi has a day trip from the mainland to Hong Kong.

On the Russian side, the army recently completed a Chinese-led military exercise. In addition, Russia has begun the process of purchasing rockets and artillery from North Korea. China's key partner for use in the Ukrainian war

Experts believe that Russian and Chinese leaders rely on each other to strengthen both at home and abroad.

FILE – North Korean weapons (KRT via AP Video, File)
Alexander Gabouev of the Carnegie Endowment International Peace Institute analyzed that for Putin, meeting Xi was an opportunity to demonstrate his powerful alliance. “How did you come to be alone in Russia? when China stands behind it.”

For Xi Jinping, this would be an opportunity to stand up on the opposite side of the West. in the ukraine war along with sending a message of nationalism when relations with the United States were strained in terms of trade, technology and human rights including China's threats that it may attack Taiwan
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