Hotline 911 was deceived by a monkey!!!

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Hotline 911xo สล็อตwas deceived by a monkey!!!
because it is a hotline

that are available for calling to inform 'urgent' incidents

So no matter what time it is 'loud'?

The 911 police had to go immediately.

Without knowing what lies ahead?


Police 911 in San Luis Obisbo County, Los Angeles, United States

just been tricked by the 'monkey'

When I received a call from Su To You Zoo

Then the phone was cut off. This made the police even more upset.

But enough to reach the zoo I couldn't find anyone who suffer an accident or need help

The police decided to 'scrutinize' until they found out that the phone that had called

It came from the phone in the golf cart used to run in the zoo.

And I'm sure it must be the work of a 'capuchin monkey' who has a mischievous nature.

and 'like to press' like to poke objects they picked up.

because it is an urgent job with life and death at stake

Even if you suspect that you may be deceived, you must go.
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