Russia burns gas Europe faces high electricity costs

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Russia burns gas Experts point out the problem of ThisSLOTXOarticle is quoted from Includes fun facts about online slots games. Things that many people don't know before. for a new bet Impressive and amazing global warming As Europe faces high electricity bills due to energy shortages

On August 29, 2022, the BBC reported an analysis of the energy situation that While European energy prices are skyrocketing Russia burns a lot of natural gas The gas plant is located near the border between Russia and Finland. It is burning about $10 million worth of gas or 8.4 million pounds (364.7 million baht) every day.

Experts say The gas was probably a gas that should have been exported to Germany earlier.

Germany's ambassador to the UK told the BBC: Russia burned these gases. because of them “Can't sell it anywhere else.”

While scientists are concerned about the large amount of carbon dioxide and soot produced by the combustion of this gas. This could be a factor contributing to the intensifying melting of Arctic ice.

An analysis by Rystad Energy showed that there were 4.34 million cubic meters of gas. It is being burned every day from a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Portovaya, northwest of St Petersburg. The first person to see any sign of the disorder was a Finnish citizen near the border.

The citizen saw huge flames streak across the horizon. at the beginning of summer or last June

The Portovaya plant is located near the Portovaya natural gas booster station at the beginning of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which transports gas through underground pipelines. to germany The transport of gas through the pipeline has been closed since early July.

Russia cited the suspension of the pipeline as a result of technical difficulties. But Germany clearly sees it all as a political movement. as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The experts noticed an unusual spot.
since June The researchers observed a significant increase in heat from the plant. and is expected to come from the combustion of gas. or burning natural gas While incineration is common in natural gas processing plants. For technical or security reasons But the magnitude of this level of combustion was confusing to experts.
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