Japan to increase taxi fares in Tokyo First time in 15 years

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among many factors That includes high fuel prices. Japanese government toเว็บ 168increase taxi fares in Tokyo For the first time since 2007

Foreign news agencies reported from Tokyo. Japan on October 13 that the Japanese Ministry of Transport issued a statement. about preparing to increase taxi fares in Tokyo Effective from November 14, this will increase the fare rate for hired cars in the capital. For the first time since 2007

In addition, the Japanese government reasoned about The price of fuel in the world market continues to rise. In addition, there are also factors related to COVID-19. and the results of considering the claims of the operators In addition to the measures that will be effective in all 23 districts of Tokyo. will also cover the outer area is Musashino City and Mitaka City

The starting fare is for standard taxis. The price will increase from 420 yen (about 108 baht) for the first 1,052 meters to 500 yen (about 129 baht) for the first 1,096 meters. The distance price will increase by 100 yen (about 25 baht) for every 255 meters from 80 yen. (about 20 baht) for every 233 meters.
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