Sri Lanka's ruling party urges Wickramasinghe to bring for

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Sri Lanka's ruling party urges Wickramasinghe to bring former president Rajapaksa home
Sri Lanka's ruling party has asked President Ranil Wickremesinghe toเกมสล็อตfacilitate and provide necessary security measures for former Sri Lankan President Sothabhaya Rajapaksa. who are currently in Thailand to allow him to return to Sri Lanka.

Sakara Kriyawasam, secretary-general of Sri Lanka's ruling party Podujan Peramuna, said his party had contacted President Wickremesinghe for assistance with the repatriation of the former Rajapaksa president. But it is unclear as to the date Rajapaksa will return to Sri Lanka.

On August 17, Sri Lankan media Newsfirst reported that Former president Rajapaksa will return to Sri Lanka next week. citing the words of the former Sri Lankan ambassador to Russia who is close to Mr. Rajapaksa: He will arrive in Sri Lanka on August 24.

Meanwhile, President Wickremesinghe said in an interview on August 18 that he did not know about Rajapaksa's plans for a return to Sri Lanka as reported in the news. But on July 31, Vikram Singh said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that He doesn't believe it's time for the former President Rajapaksa to return anytime soon.

Former President Rajapaksa left Sri Lanka in July in a military plane. He headed to the Maldives before continuing on to Singapore. When large crowds rose to protest and occupied the Sri Lankan Presidential Palace. This led Rajapaksa to announce his resignation while in Singapore for several weeks. Then he traveled to Bangkok. and dwelt in silence for a while in an undisclosed location
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