Karen 'KNU' fights with Burmese soldiers at a camp near the Thai border, 3 villagers killed

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Karen 'KNU' fights with Burmese soldiers at a camp near the Thai border, 3 villagers killed
AFP news agency reported on October 21 that Karen National Union (KNU) forcesSLOTXOlaunched an attack on a key city near the Thai-Myanmar border. Government troops responded with air strikes on the same day.

One villager told AFP that The fighting kicked off at 7:00 a.m. local time in Kokkare, the main town on the Myanmar border with Thailand. By such battles continued. and it seems “Armed groups” try to attack government officials. As a result, three people died and at least 15 people were wounded have been taken to hospital.

A KNU spokesman said: Their forces fought against the junta army in various areas throughout Kogare City. Meanwhile, the military government has ordered a series of air strikes in support of the ground forces. Many soldiers from both sides were killed. without providing further details

The junta said the KNU rebels including the People's Defense Force (PDF) who rose up against the Myanmar military coup. invade the city of Kogare with heavy airstrikes on people's residential areas Government housing and government agencies from early morning resulting in injuries to the people and the army must "Operation to suppress terrorism," without giving further details.

The KNU, which has been a mainstay of the 2021 military coup and has provided shelter to those who disagree with the junta. along with PDF periodically clash with Myanmar military forces along the Thai border This caused thousands of people to flee across the border for safety.
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