Japan opens a way for foreigners to travel without a guide Increase the quota to 50,000 people per day

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Japanese Prime Minister Announces Plans to Welcome Touristsเล่นสล็อตTraveling without a guide is permitted with passport holders of all countries. Ready to increase the number of people entering the country 2 times to 50,000 cases per day from the original 20,000, starting on September 7

On August 31, 2022, Bloomberg reported that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida revealed that Japan will allow tour packages without guides from all countries. and more than double the number of people allowed to enter the country per day from the original level. after having strict measures on entering the country due to the covid-19 situation

Japanese Prime Minister said It has announced that it will increase the number of tourists allowed to enter the country to 50,000, from 20,000 a day, starting from September 7. He also said he wanted to relax border controls. To stimulate the journey of people trying to take advantage of the weak yen

Kishida's government began allowing a limited number of tourists to enter the country in June. It is subject to strict rules such as being part of a tour package with a guide.

Japan had 353,119 foreign tourists last year. This is far from a record of 31.9 million in 2019.

At the same time, Japan has lifted its COVID-19 testing requirements. For vaccinated travelers by last week Mr. Kishida announced that From September 7, Japan will lift the requirement to display COVID-19 test results. For travelers who have received all 3 doses of vaccination

However, although testing requirements have been relaxed, But there are still problems with visas to enter the country. Currently, Japan's immigration checkpoints are only open to people with Japanese nationality. Including those who have a long-term and pre-issued tourist visa.

This is because the Japanese government previously halted visa exemptions for passport holders in force during the epidemic.
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