Foreign Trails Column: Crimean Bridge, annex symbol of 'Whose?

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Foreign Trails Column: Crimea Bridge, symbol of the annexation of Crimea to Russia
Massive explosion on Crimea bridge The land link between Crimeaสล็อต xoand Russia on October 8 ago. That caused the death of three people, shocking news eaters around the world again. in the midst of the Ukrainian-Russia war that has yet to end

Crimea Bridge or Kirch Bridge It is a parallel bridge built by Russia. connection between Russia with the Crimea already annexed to Russia It is a parallel bridge between the railway and the road. that stretches for a distance of 18.1 kilometers, spanning across the Kirz Strait.

It is considered to be the longest bridge in Russia. and also the longest in Europe

this bridge, the government of the soviet union Construction was ordered in 1949, but in 1950 construction was stopped. and turned to build a ferry route instead

Until the merger of Crimea into Russia in 2014, it was designed to bridge the two sides. and started construction in 2015
People voted for the name of the bridge in 2017, and the name chosen was "Crimean Bridge"

The amount spent on construction reached 227.920 million rubles.

Until 2018, the road section of the bridge was opened. so that the car can travel in the train part It started using in 2019.

The goal of building this bridge of Russia In addition to it for traffic and then. Russia also intends will give this bridge It is also a symbol of the annexation of Crimea with Russia.

The explosion occurred on the Crimean bridge which is like a symbol of the integration of Russia like this Considered to intentionally create resentment to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Of course, Russia must be aiming at Ukraine's current enemy No. has committed this terrorism It aims to destroy civilian infrastructure important to Russia.
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