Lindt won the protection case. “Chocolate Bunny”

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The Swiss Supreme Court has ruled that The foil-wrapped chocolatexo slotrabbits of Lindt & Schappedlee deserve protection from counterfeit products. Along with an order to "Lidle", a German department store selling cheap products. Stop selling similar products in Switzerland. and destroy the remaining inventory

Reuters Report from Zurich Switzerland on September 30 that the Swiss Federal Court said A survey submitted by Lindt showed that The company's Easter Bunny is known to the public. and both products It tends to be confusing. although there are some differences.

The above verdict of the court This reverses the verdict of the Swiss Commercial Court. to the Lindt Company and support the Lindel Department Store Two Swiss branches, the court also ordered Lindel. Also destroy your chocolate rabbit warehouse.

“Destruction is proportionality. especially because it doesn't necessarily mean Such chocolate must be destroyed,” the court said in a summary of the verdict.

The Lindt Company, a Swiss premium chocolate maker has fought several lawsuits over the years. to protect one of the company's best-selling products.

while the Federal Court of Germany There was a verdict last year that Golden shades of foil wrapped Easter bunny There is trademark protection as well.
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