Equatorial Guinea abolished executions After the last sentence was 8 years ago.

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Equatorial Guinea abolishes the death penalty According to a new criminal code signed by President Teodoro Obiang, the country's last execution was about eight years ago.

Reuters Report from Malabo Equatorial Guinea on Sept. 21 said for a country ofเว็บเล่นสล็อตabout 1.4 million people separated from mainland on the Central African coast and islands in the Gulf of Guinea. Equatorial Guinea have a bad record in human rights Several advocacy groups and international powers have accused the Obiang government of torture, arbitrary detention. and a concealed trial

Amnesty International said the last executions took place in the small country in 2014, while Obiang said in 2019 he would introduce legislation to abolish the death penalty.

Although the new criminal law will be dated Aug. 17, it will come into force within 90 days after it was published in the Government Gazette.

while Mr. Teodoro Angema Obian Mange, Vice President of Equatorial Guinea and was the son of Obiang. Describing the abolition of the death penalty as a "historic event and memorable stories.”

According to information from "Statista", the data service agency The death penalty is still legal in more than 30 African countries, but more than 20 of the above. There has been no death sentence for at least 10 years.
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