The yen fell to 150 yen per dollar, its lowest level in 32 years.

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The yen fell to 150 yen per dollar, its lowest level in 32 years.
On October 20, the AFP news agency reported that The Japanesexo walletyen dropped to 150 yen against the US dollar. For the first time in 32 years, or since 1990, on the same day trading on the money market. This is a result of the Japanese government's monetary easing policy. In contrast to the United States' strict policy and focus on raising interest rates intensely.

The yen has weakened to 150.08 yen against the US dollar. before being adjusted slightly later.

Shunichi Suzuki, Minister of Finance of Japan Call the volatility in the money market too much. He warned that authorities would take appropriate steps to promote stability. As at the beginning of this week Suzuki declined to confirm whether an undisclosed market intervention occurred recently.

The yen has weakened from 115 yen against the US dollar in February. As a result of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) adherence to its monetary easing policy aimed at sustainable growth of Japan's third largest economy in the world.

Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates sharply in an effort to curb rising domestic inflation. as a result of many factors including the Ukrainian war

Analysts predict that The yen will continue to weaken as long as Japan and the US monetary policy go in such a different direction. While there is a possibility that the Fed may raise interest rates further as US commodity prices continue to soar beyond expectations.
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