Strange but true ...received a 'passenger' in New York but had to pick up a 'fare' to Ireland!!!

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Strange but true ...received a 'passenger' inxo สล็อตNew York but had to pick up a 'fare' to Ireland!!!
Found a passenger with no money to pay for the car

He also boasted of owning a pub in Dublin, Ireland.

Seeing this, any taxi chauffeur must have thought that he had encountered the 'deceitful world'.

But John McDonagh, a taxi driver in New York City, USA

Come back to meet a 'real person' who speaks the truth and does the truth.

And here's the 'true story' from John McDonough.

who said that in 2013 he had accepted Shane Gaffney, an Irish student

who came to study in New York by car Then Shane had no cash on him.

The young student then told John that He has a bar in Dublin.

If John had a chance to go there when? Shane will feast on Guinness.

John said that after calculating the fare it would be the cost of two pints of Guinness.

So they both wrote 'IOU Contract (IOU I owe you)' on paper.

almost unbelievable that Something that seems like a simple joke.

But John still 'Keep the paper contract' well.

And when I had the opportunity to travel to Dublin in September last year.

and visit Shane at Gaffney and Sons Pub

Shane also 'keeps the promise' he made nine years ago with two pints of Guinness.

They even took John on a tour of the Guinness brewery.

besides not skewed 'Overpaid' as well.
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