Poland joins the Baltic countries Restricting Russians entering the country

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Poland announces joint policy restricting entry of Russians with the Baltic countries This willxo สล็อตcome into effect from 19 Sept. to stance against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

On September 8, 2022, Reuters reported that Poland announced this week to join the Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - this week, agreeing to limit Russian entry. arriving from both Russia and Belarus

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by this limitation It is the latest move aimed at punishing Russia for invading Ukraine. by restricting the entry of Russians which for Poland will come into effect on 19 September.

The Polish government issued a statement saying is unacceptable When people in Ukraine are tortured and killed But Russian citizens can travel freely within the European Union.

As Russia explains Their actions in Ukraine are It has "special military operations" and has denied allegations its forces committed rights violations during the conflict.

But the Polish government confirmed that Such measures are taken on the basis of common grounds to safeguard public order and internal security. as well as the overall security of the Schengen area.

The Baltic states, or the Baltic countries, are informal geopolitical terms in the modern era. Instead, they are often grouped into three countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all of which are members of NATO, members of the European Union (EU) and OECD.

And all three are states on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. sometimes called “Baltic Country”
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