South Korean prime minister 'infected with coronavirus'

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Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom of South Korea It tested positive for COVID-19 today (March 3) as the Omicron strain continues to push the country's daily number of infections to nearly 200,000.

An official at the South Korean prime minister's office said Kim "had a slight cough thisทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรีxomorning. But overall, it's still similar to the common cold.”

Kim began self-isolation and treatment at home. The meeting with the COVID-19 response team There will be other staff to work temporarily instead.

The South Korea's Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) reported a total of 198,803 new infections in the 24-hour period today, a slight decline from the daily record high of 219,241 a day ago. page

The death toll in South Korea rose by 128, bringing the total to 8,394, while the number of severely ill patients rose to 766 from just over 300 two weeks ago.

South Korea has a cumulative total of 3.69 million cases out of a total population of 52 million and has a very low mortality rate from COVID-19.

South Korean health officials estimate that The latest wave of the outbreak will reach a "peak" around mid-March and the number of infections is expected to climb to 330,000 a day.
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