Taro is hot! US denies handing Polish warplanes to Ukraine Claims high risk facing Russia

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The United States on Wednesday (March 9) closed its doors for deliveries of fighter jets to Ukraine. The intelligence community cited it as a "high-risk" move, raising the chances of Russia facing its NATO allies.

Poland, a NATO ally, surprised Washington on Tuesday after making theSLOTXOannouncement public. Proposed delivery of Russian-made MiG-29 fighter jets To a US air base in Germany as a way to replenish the Ukrainian air force. After Kiev pleaded for support for aircraft from the west.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby clarified the US decision that the delivery of the MiG-29 squadron would cause little change for Ukraine. Compared to the rattling of Russia and emphasize that the United States Supporting other weapons

“The intelligence community has estimated that the delivery of the MiG-29 to Ukraine may have been a mistake. and possibly a reaction from Russia "That could increase the outlook for military tensions with NATO," Kirby said. "Therefore, we also assess that the MiG-29 delivery is a high risk."

Kirby declined to elaborate on what was behind the US intelligence community's assessment.

The United States is seeking to expedite arms deliveries to Ukraine, but on Tuesday they denied the possibility of sending fighter jets from NATO territory into the war zone.

The Russian Defense Ministry warned earlier this week that Any country that offers its own airbase to Ukraine as a base for fighter jets against Russia will be included in the conflict.

NATO does not want a direct conflict with Russia. Nation with nuclear weapons as well And US President Joe Biden has refused to send US troops to fight in Ukraine. Something the Pentagon said it would need both ground and airborne troops.

Even the Pentagon confirmed that Poland's decision to reject the offer It doesn't equal a new deadline. but at the same time It indicates that the supply has delivered the fighter squadron to Ukraine. As an alternative to military aid, it wasn't on the negotiating table, at least until now.

The United States also rejected Kiev's demands. to designate a no-fly zone over Ukraine Something analysts say would be equivalent to a US drag. enter the war with Russia
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