ce the Ukrainian-Russia war erupted on Feb. 24, 2022, the Ukrai

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Since the Ukrainian-Russia war erupted on Feb. 24, 2022, the UkrainianSLOTgovernment has adopted a clever strategy. Open a new front, digital warfare. In Kiev, it aims to raise funds to support front-line personnel. including the restoration of the city from damage

As recently as April 1, the MetaHistory NFT-Museum of the Ukrainian Museum Funding through the sale of the MetaHistory NFT image collection, up to 1,282 artworks were sold on the first day of sales. Ethereum raised $190, representing approximately $600,000. The Kiev government uses blockchain technology to help fund the war period. along with traditional fundraising to overcome the crisis of conflict with neighboring nations at the superpower level

“War bonds” are the traditional method used by the Kiev government to raise funds. Since opening for sale at the beginning of March So far, Kiev has raised nearly $1 billion. from bonds sold to both domestic and foreign investors including those financial institutions in Ukraine which is willing to lend to the government Despite the risk that they may not receive a refund. If the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky is successfully overthrown

War bond fundraising is an “old school” model that many nations have done before. Since both world wars

But what's more interesting than fundraising through The “cryptocurrency” used by Ukraine is the first nation to raise funds against its enemies. It has also been well received by the Ukrainian public debt management commissioner Yuriy Butza. revealed to CNN that “Our fiscal burden is greater than expected. to alleviate the burden The government has been making unprecedented efforts over five weeks to raise global donations.”

Unlike “cryptocurrency”, bond funding could create a long-term debt burden on Ukraine, which is one of the attractive options for rebuilding the country's infrastructure after the war.
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