Treat “cerebrovascular stenosis” with “thrombosis dragging” method, quick treatment, not paralysis.

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Treatment of ischemic stroke patients And cerebrovascular may not know. WhenSLOTXOusing slot game formulas, you can reduce the play time of each game. Because you don't have to wait for the rhythm of the game, as the formula says, when we choose to play the game, we can change the game when we enter the bonus phase of the game, choose a new game right away, this Is a very rewarding advantage in playing online slot games. disease by means of “drag catheterization”, therapeutic science that can help treat patients quickly. effective and reduce the likelihood of paralysis

Treatment of ischemic stroke patients and clogged blood vessels in a brain state that some parts of the brain are malfunctioning due to lack of blood supply It's important to get the blood back to the brain as quickly as possible. is timely treatment which treatment with "Drag catheterization" can help patients quickly and efficiently.

"Drag the blood clot" extends the dangerous time from 4.5 hours to 6 hours.

But treatment must be at the discretion of the doctor. In the event that the patient gives fibrinolytic drugs and is ineffective or did not arrive within 4.5 hours, but treatment with "Thrombotic catheterization" can extend the treatment time up to 6 hours after symptoms appear. This makes the treatment with this method quite satisfactory. can help patients recover faster after treatment Reduces the chance of paralysis And most importantly, the patient can return to normal life.

Hemorrhagic stroke can be treated at the nearest hospital.

Patients can be admitted to the nearest hospital. without cost using the right to treat UCEP (Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients) for critically ill patients

Throughout the treatment, the medical team will supervise the patient to receive complete anticoagulant medication. And it was confirmed by the doctor that the patient had passed the crisis. But if the doctor has diagnosed that it is unable to dissolve blood clots. and it is necessary to use a thromboembolic catheterization method The medical team will then draw a catheterization of blood clots in the brain. without the cost of treatment

danger signal cerebral artery stenosis

Asst.Prof.Dr. Chai Kobkitsuksakul, MD. A doctor specializing in radiology and treating the nervous system Nakornthon Hospital said that the symptoms that indicate that it may be caused by a stroke are

Acute slurred speech

Weakness in the arms and legs or numbness, usually in the halves

blurred vision or not being able to see

Sudden headache, dizziness, vertigo, and poor balance.
when you find yourself or someone close to you having this symptom should be rushed to the hospital urgently Because it could be a symptom of a stroke.
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