Putin says there is no problem with Finland-Sweden joining NATO, but will retaliate if troops are deployed.

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President Putin threatened with a similar response. If NATO military infrastructure is put in Finland and Sweden

After the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) announced it had officially invited Finland and Sweden toSLOTXObecome members, President Vladimir Putin made an interview last night (June 29, 2022) during a meeting. visit Turkmenistan reiterating that in the case of Finland and Sweden Russia doesn't have the same problem as Ukraine. If both nations want to join NATO, so be it.

However, they must understand that the two nations were previously not a threat, but now, if the movement of forces and military infrastructure is built Russia will respond in the same way.

President Putin added: In terms of relations between Russia and Finland and Sweden, everything used to be ok But right now, there may be some tension. And it would be inevitable that there would be a threat to Russia.

As for NATO's next step, after formally inviting Finland and Sweden to join, the 30 member states will bring the matter into the process in their respective national councils. In normal circumstances, it may take about 1 year.
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