eat cannabis food Psychedelic or not?

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Smoking marijuana can be hallucinating. How about eating cannabis-infused food?

Data from the Department of Medical Sciences states that marijuana contains one of the major substances, THC, which is a Category 1 psychotropic substance under the Psychotropic Substances Act B.E. 2559 when it enters the body. Will act on the central nervous system, that is, affect the brain and make the body emotional. and the mind changes THC stimulates the nerves, causing good mood, laughter and faster heartbeat. Subsequently, it will depress the nerves causing the user to have a stupor. lethargic and sleepy If consumed in large quantities will hallucinate causing illusions, blurred ears, confused thoughts, unable to control oneself

eat cannabis food Psychedelic or not?

In the case of smoking marijuana it enters the bloodstream quickly in a few minutes and is psychoactive for up to an hour, but taking an hour or more to take effect. and will be altered in the body and is excreted mainly in the urine In the case of never using marijuana It can stay in the body for 2-5 days.

Eating cannabis-infused foods It works like a drug addiction, but is slower, so it can cause side effects from overdose of cannabis that can be dangerous. however The effect will depend on the type. amount of active substance and responses are different for each person.

Marijuana inclusions in most foods have a pleasant color, smell, and flavor. Will not be able to notice from the appearance that there is a mixture of cannabis or not. But you may notice that the symbol on the label says cannabis, THC, CBD, or Hemp.

How does cannabis affect the nervous system?

The ingestion of THC from cannabis can produce psychoactive effects. 2-5 mg of THC is equivalent to 6 cannabis leaves.


The amount of THC about 2-5 mg may cause sleepiness, want to sleep, have no motivation to do anything.

The amount of THC 5 mg or more may cause deep sleep.

nerve stimulation

What are the benefits of medical marijuana? and penalties that should be known before using
What are the benefits of medical marijuana? and penalties that should be known before using
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THC content of approximately 2-5 mg can cause restlessness, fear, panic.

THC content of 5 mg or more can cause the heart to beat very quickly. body temperature rises a lot


The amount of THC about 2-5 mg can cause anxiety, fear, not going anywhere.

The amount of THC 5 mg or more may appear smiling, monologue, ear trembling, and paranoia.

Psychotic symptoms may depend on an individual's physical condition and response.

How does THC from cannabis affect the nervous system?
Safe Edible Cannabis Amounts

In fact, the safety of consuming cannabis It does not depend solely on the amount of cannabis added to the food. If the person who eats is in the danger group including having an allergic reaction to marijuana It can be dangerous even if you don't eat a lot.

Who is at risk of marijuana allergy? how to eat safely
However, for the general public The right amount at the Department of Health The Ministry of Public Health specifies that 1 leaf in boiled food, stir-fry, curry and drink mix does not exceed 200 ml. For fried food, 1-2 leaves can be used.

and don't forget that Although in Thailand, cannabis can now be mixed in food, both home-cooked and sold. But the right amount to add to food has not been clearly defined and enforced. Producers, cooks, restaurant owners. including family members who cook for themselves Be very careful when adding cannabis to your food. Because allergic reactions or other symptoms may occur. with those who can eat
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