Foreign research indicates that Ban Non Wat, Nakhon Ratchasima, the world's first chicken-raising area

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The US National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS, published a researchSLOTXOpaper. Thailand is the world's first chicken farming area. At Ban Non Wat, Nakhon Ratchasima

On June 9, 2022, reporters reported that The U.S. National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published a study titled “The biocultural origins and dispersal of domestic chickens” which concluded that the first area of ​​the world to house chickens was home. Non Wat

The research indicates that Chickens are the most important economic animal in the world. and in order to know the origins of chickens that are related to human society Therefore, an analysis of over 600 chicken farming areas in 89 countries was assessed.

by assessing morphology Pelvic bones, contextual images, pictograms and articles found that the first clearly identified chicken bone was found at Hin Mai Ban Non Wat in central Thailand dating from 1650 to 1250 BC. And there was no origin of chickens in the Indian subcontinent in any way.

Also, chickens did not arrive in Central China, South Asia, or Mesopotamia until the end of the second millennium BC. and in Ethiopia and Mediterranean Europe around 800 BC.

The proliferation of rice and millet plantings led to the first appearance of chickens within the boundaries of the Red Forest species. The results of the research indicated that Agricultural practices that focus on production and storage have brought in the wild red wild birds. Therefore, the arrival of farming It may help to facilitate the start of the chicken raising process. and become part of the human community

Although chickens are widespread throughout the world. and has cultural significance But the timing and situation of raising chickens as well as the subsequent spread remains ambiguous. debatable

The chicken comes from the red forest bird.
In terms of the distribution pattern of chickens during the post-raising period Several studies have been conducted, and only two of which are referenced in the early history of chicken farming. But no one asked questions.

The first is that raising chickens probably started in Southeast Asia. and southern India and the second is chicken in northern China. It was a group that spread to Europe along the northern route. Both of these observations Comprehensive studies are often referred to in conclusions. but without a thorough assessment of the manuscript.

It is not always easy to study the origins and distribution of chickens. due to the lack of ancient ruins and especially issues related to excavation and restoration of perceived bias. and measuring the age of the animals

For example, it was not possible to systematically dig a chicken skeleton. without detailed screening Once the remains of the bird were found and confidently identified It can be a problem without references. This is because chicken skeletons are difficult to distinguish from other related species.

Genetic studies have shown that of the four extant wild bird species, Chickens are mainly derived from red wild birds.

A recent study analyzed 863 genomes from samples of today's birds. Including all 5 types of red forest birds and identified subspecies This result suggests that the chicken farming process began with the distribution of this subspecies in Southeast Asia.
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