Fitbit launches new premium 'Sleep Profile' feature to better assess sleep patterns

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Google today announced that Fitbit is rolling out a premium feature called "Sleep Profile" that will allow users to analyze longitudinal sleep patterns while making it easier to interpret sleep data.

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The new sleep profile feature analyzes sleep across 10 key metrics, including new data points such as bedtime consistency. time before deep sleep and disturbed sleep These new data points Along with previously tracked metrics such as sleep and rest periods. This allows users to see their sleep patterns and quality for one month. You will be given the optimal range for each one to see where your results are.

and to determine what areas you can improve.To be evaluated You must wear your Fitbit device to sleep for the last 14 nights of the calendar month. The company notes that the more you wear the device to sleep, the more sleepless you get. The more accurate the assessment will be. This is because sleep can vary from night to night.
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