The United States Army creates a new generation of cadets. Receive AI-Robot warfare

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The US Army planted a new generation of military officers. Get ready for the future world war, fight through AI, cyber drones, robots.

On May 25, 2022, the Los Angeles Times reported that on May 21, General Mark A. Milley, chairmanxo walletof the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Army. Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the United States Military Academy West Point, urging young U.S. Army officers to Prepare for the challenges of the future and be ready to face wars on different fronts that differ from the wars of today.

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General Milley paints a picture of the challenges of the future world. will be full of uncertainty due to the emergence of a new superpower which these nations intend to change the new world order This means that new soldiers of the US military must be ready to meet these challenges.

“The world you are going to take on. There is a high potential for major international conflicts between superpowers. Those potentials will only increase, never decrease… Whatever we've had in military superiority over the past 70 years, it's going to change rapidly. US will be challenged In fact, we are now challenged on all sides. Space, cyber, sea, air and land,” Milley said at the West Point, New York, 2022 graduation ceremony.

Milley added that Now the United States is no longer a superpower that will never be challenged. The US is now being tested in Europe against the Russian invasion. and in Asia from the spread of China's economic influence Nuclear and missile threats from North Korea and the Middle East and Africa that are unstable and vulnerable to terrorism.

4-Star General of the United States Army He also commented that in the next 20-30 years, the basis of future battlefields and the way in which weapons are used will change. The US military can't stick with old ideas and weapons. But need to improve and develop power and equipment that can stop Or, if necessary, the US must urgently strengthen its ability to overcome global conflicts with technology and modernization. A graduating soldier must change the way the U.S. military thinks, trains, and fights.

“As you are the future of the US military. newly graduated lieutenant Must fight with remotely controlled tanks, ships and aircraft. Either rely on AI or artificial intelligence. 3D Manufacturing Technology and Human Machine Engineering Your generation bears the responsibility of maintaining peace. including preventing risks from conflicts of superpowers that come from these technologies.”
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