Quickly quit 7 bad behaviors "spine"

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There are 206 bones in our body that form the structure of the body. and serves toslot walletprotect internal organs Certain types of bone marrow help produce red blood cells and white blood cells. and ligaments will be the link between various tissues. get together All parts are working in relation to each other. which when any part is defective would affect other parts as well.

for the spine In addition to being a strong structure that protects the axis of the spinal cord It also acts as an island point of the muscles of the back. It is also connected to the skull, scapula, and pelvis. and ribs as well

How important is this Life Center Blog? So I would like to invite everyone to take care of the spine a bit. Let's start with changing habits that are used to hurting our spine unknowingly. Let's see what we should stop doing to help preserve our spine.

7 bad behavior "spine"
cross legged
If you really don't have to, ladies, don't sit cross-legged. Even when sitting, it has an S-shaped physique (S) that attracts the eye to look at. But notice that when we sit cross-legged for a long time Your feet may begin to numb until you have to switch sides. Because the blood is not easy to walk, when sitting, the body will twist to the other side. Even if you sit regularly, your body weight will be left on one side. Bones will be twisted regularly, causing the back to break without realizing it. It is recommended to sit with your feet together and tilted to one side. and turning the shoulders straight is a sitting position that makes the figure look equally beautiful

Even if there is something to ponder, stress, or something heavy on your heart It is recommended not to hold it against your chest at all. Because when we hug the chest, the upper body, like the shoulder blades and shoulder blades, must be stretched. and bowed forward Plus the neck is stretched out like a turtle. Unknowingly causing back pain It will also cause the blood to go to the brain poorly. Can cause headaches again. Cross your chest. Another position that you are used to but may injure your back without realizing it.

leg rest
Standing and resting your legs, even if it's a comfortable position. But did you know that resting the legs will leave the weight as a burden on one side of the body? hips are tilted His spine was curved as well. Definitely not good for the balance of the body. The best way to stand is to place your weight equally on both legs, that's it.

sit back
Remember that the back must be straight. Like a puppet doll with someone pulling the rope above all the time. Sometimes sitting in front of a computer screen for a long time We may accidentally bend our head to the point of sticking to the screen, hunched back, bent, unsightly, the longer the day we enter the bone, it will bend and become deformed. Cause chronic back pain, difficult to fix. The best way should be to adjust the height and tilt of the computer monitor accordingly. and keep reminding yourself Always sit with your back straight.

sit in a chair
because of the short skirt Or a high chair is not comfortable to sit, causing some girls to sit on the verge of But do you know how hard the back muscles have to work to gain weight? Imagining it would be like putting a heavy object. on a narrow base When sitting in a chair, it's better to sit with a full bottom.
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