Russia, Ukraine: Ukrainian forces prepare to abandon Severodonetsk fleeing the Russian army to enter the siege

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Sirhy Haidai, Governor of the Luhansk Region announced that Ukrainian forces may have toทดลองเล่นสล็อตwithdraw from the city of Severodonetsk. (Severodonetsk), a major city of strategic importance in the east soon. as the Russian forces began to advance closer and has a tendency to besiege and attack the city

“Right now, some Russian soldiers have invaded the city. And there is a possibility that Ukrainian forces may have to leave the city. so as not to fall into the enclave," said Haidai.

The governor of Ukraine's Luhansk region also said that More than half of the houses in Severodonetsk were shot down, causing the drums to collapse. Almost all buildings were destroyed. The people who were still stranded in the city had gone to their shelters.

The main road that connects Severodonetsk with the rest of Ukraine's occupied territory has been under fire by Russian troops. But Mr Haidai said that this road is still usable for commuting.

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However, if Ukraine were to lose the cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, located in the heart of the country's key industrial zone, It was a defeat that had a huge impact on the battle situation ever.

On May 27, Russian forces captured the western city of Lyman in Severodonetsk. This will open the way for further advances to the two major cities. The cities of Slovyansk and Kramatosk are located nearby.

Paul Kirby, the BBC's European digital news editor, said: The Russian occupation of Liman It was a very important event for the battle in eastern Ukraine. As the Russian advance was slowly but increasingly successful on the battlefield. The city of Liman marks the second major victory for Russia this week. After seizing the city of Switlodarsk (Svitlodarsk) in the south before that.

The city of Severodonetsk has been attacked by Russian forces for weeks.

Although Liman is not a big city. But it was a strategic point that allowed Russia to take control of the main road. which connects the western city with the eastern city of the Donbas region. By now the Russian forces were away from Slavans. Ukraine's major transport and shipping hub is only 20 kilometers away.

The Ukrainian government plans to reverse the situation in which its forces are secondary. by requesting more support for long-range attack weapons from the Western Alliance to be used to resist Russian advances But so far the United States It has not yet agreed to deliver such weapons to Ukraine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom came out to support Ukraine's request yesterday that The Ukrainian armed forces needed a long-range rocket launch system. that can fire multiple warheads at once

The UK leader also told Bloomberg News. "I'm afraid Putin is still committed. which will continue to advance into the Donbas region even at the cost of great losses to himself and the Russian army.”

“Putin continues to advance. Although the army's movement was slow and gradual. I'm afraid he's already starting to find tangible success. This makes it imperative that we continue to support Ukraine in the military.”
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