NATO warns Ukraine war could last for years

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NATO Secretary General Says War in Ukraine Could Prolong Years Russia's attack After the EU certifies Ukraine's candidate status

On June 19, 2022, Channel News Asia reported that NATO Leader Says War in Ukraine Could LastSLOT for Years because Russia has accelerated the attack After the European Union (EU) recognized Ukraine as a candidate to join the EU

“We need to be prepared for the fact that it may take years. We must never give up on supporting Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said, adding:

“Even though the cost is high Not only military support but also higher energy and food prices.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who visited Kiev on Friday The same opinion expressed the need to prepare for a long war.

“That means ensuring that Ukraine has more weapons, equipment, ammunition and faster training than the attackers,” Johnson wrote in the British Sunday Times.

The text of the article also states that “Time is an important factor. It will all depend on whether Ukraine can reinforce its territorial defenses faster than Russia can regain its attack capability.”

During an interview with reporters on Saturday Johnson emphasized the need to avoid exhausting Ukraine. As the Russian army was advancing bit by bit. The alliance needs to show the Ukrainians that they will have long-lasting support.

Ukraine received a huge boost on Friday. When the European Commission recognizes Ukraine as an EU candidate Ukraine is expected to be certified as a member at this week's summit.

This will show Ukraine a strong support. It was because Ukraine had longed to become a member of the EU since before the Russian invasion on February 24, but the membership process took several years.
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