Google offers access to virtual worlds near Korea's demilitarized zone.

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the 250-kilometer-long and 4-kilometer-wide strip that separates the Korean Peninsula — can now be viewed virtually by anyone. How do you ask? Google publishes a 360-degree view of an area that until now has been restricted to most humans.

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These images are part of a Google Arts & Culture (GAC) exhibit commemorating the 70 years since the July 1953 Armistice that led North and South Korea to withdraw from the Demilitarized Zone. GAC's View,

3D and other digital technologies, viewers will be able to see the natural scenery of this place virtually along with the endangered wildlife that thrives here. Just like a civilian control line. This is an area outside the Demilitarized Zone where civilian activities are restricted.

The Google Art and Culture exhibition marks the culmination of a three-year collaboration between Google and nine South Korean research and cultural institutions, including the DMZ Museum, the Korean War Memorial, the United Nations Peace Memorial Hall. and the Botanical Garden DMZ. It is also sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Patriotic and Veterans Affairs.

These photos were taken by Google only after obtaining permission from the South Korean Army. Because these pictures show the places where major battles took place during the Korean War. This included what the United Nations called "Champunch" at the time.
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