Delays on Nuclear Power Plant Decisions

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Decision on whether to approve a £20 billion nuclear power plant has been delayed.

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The government is expected to announce a Sizewell C application in Suffolk by Friday.Business Secretary Paul Scully said he had "The new deadline is no later than 20 July for a decision on this application.To ensure there is enough time for the foreign minister to consider the proposal," he said.

The government was previously scheduled to announce its planning decision by May 25, but said it would take more time to look at the new data and set a new deadline for July 8. French energy company EDF hopes to build plants. Two nuclear power reactors on the coast at Sizewell.

The plant said it would generate 3.2 gigawatts (GW) of electricity, enough to meet 7% of the UK's demand. And it could provide the energy equivalent to about six million homes and would generate electricity for 60 years.The government has given £100 million to Sizewell C and plans to own a 20 percent stake.
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